The day Education "turned"

For centuries Educators wished for eyes behind the heads and learners had to experience the back of the educator... "till now!"


Everything an Educator or Trainer would need is fitted and installed into the podium. Digital presentations, on screen writing, annotations with audio and internet connectivity transform the Traditional Educator into an Advanced Educator.


The Podium is fitted with a touch panel. A sliding top extends the podium and provide a multi-purpose workspace. The touch panel is fitted in the top of the podium providing the "face-to-face" learning and teaching environment.


The Podium's touch-screen is mirrored to a celling mounted projector.  High priced "short-throw" projectors are not a requirement in classrooms since the Educator does not stand between the projector and board.

Classroom Podium

The most affordable Educational Tool yet!

digital PODIUM


Wooden Podium

For the Traditional teacher:
The wooden podium has a Formica work-top with a wooden sliding top. The sliding top extends the workspace to accommodate books and Educational material without risk to the touch-screen. Some storage space for books and educational material is available in the podium. a Keyboard tray eliminates clutter on the work-top whilst keeping the tools close at hand.

Tech Inside:
> Small form-factor Desktop PC (i3 / i5).
> 19" Touch Screen.
> Write on screen capable.
> Single touch recognition.
> Wireless Internet connectivity
> VGA Projector Splitting
> UPS - Universal Power Supply
> Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
> Sound Bar 

The o-POD is the most sought after classroom work-horse and most affordable compared to any other Interactive  Board Technologies.

Steel Podium

For the New Generation teacher:
The "slick-design" steel podium is recommended for educators who embrace the paperless initiative. The steel structure hosts a sliding top protecting the touch-screen in the traditional classroom environment. The slim design compliments any classroom or training environment. The keyboard tray hides the keyboard when not required and provides a clean & open workspace.

Tech Inside:
> All-in-One Desktop PC.
> 21" Touch Screen.
> Write on screen capable.
> Multi-touch recognition.
> Integrated wireless connectivity
> VGA & HDMI Projection Splitting
> UPS - Universal Power Supply
> Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
> Sound Bar

The e-POD is any trainer and teachers' dream-tool. The combination of durability, simplicity and design gives "Teach" the edge.

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